We've Got Your Pets

Tail Covered.

At Pawprints Dunsmore Kennels, our values are all about animal welfare.

Our kennel staff are qualified or in training to Level 3 

Animal Care or above and have also received training in 

administering drugs such as insulin.

Additionally, staff attend workshops and seminars on Animal Welfare, ensuring that their skills are kept updated and have regular Canine First Aid training. Management are on site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we

have full CCTV on site.


A walk a day keeps the vet away.

We love exercising your dogs!


All dogs in our care are exercised away from their kennel/run at least once daily.  For those who can enjoy an offlead run, we have an all-weather exercise area and 2 grass paddocks including fun agility equipment and for those hotter days, 2 dog pools. 

For those who need to be onlead, or are on restricted exercise due to age or medical conditions, we have a smaller exercise lawned area which your dog can explore and enjoy the great "sniffs" this area brings.  


We will try to stick to your pets usual routine as much as possible, you just need to tell us about it!  Insulin dependant, long term medication, own food........ whatever your pet's requirements, we have got them covered.

All dogs are provided with enrichment during the day by toys or stuffed Kongs or both.  

All dogs are fed twice a day as standard, unless you have a different system which we will abide by.

What our customers are saying

Max has just returned from his holidays and looks amazing! He is happy and not at all grumpy with us for leaving him.

Just booked Max in for his 3rd stay later in the year.

Thank you for looking after our German Shepherd!

Highly recommend this kennel.

Me and Molly have used Dunsmore Kennels multiple times now and each time she returns the happiest most content dog ever. She pulls me into the reception eagerly awaiting the kennel staff to take her off to her kennel. They’re fab at fitting us in last minute, which works well as I’m so unorganised. AlL staff are lovely and it’s so reasonably priced I’m not breaking the bank which allows extra money for my holidays. Keep up the good work.